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An enterprise social network, providing a secure way for employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information.

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Switching from one Yammer domain to another

We have an instance of Yammer on our network, for which access is seamless, via office 365 Following a merger, we would like to switch to a new tenancy, and a ...
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How do I revoke my own group admin privileges in Yammer

After switching departments, I noticed I am still an admin for a group from my previous department. This group has a second admin as well. How do I remove myself as an admin from this group?
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Is it possible to have tables in Yammer notes?

Is it possible to have a table (HTML table, essentially) in a Yammer note? Seems the basic HTML editing functionality is there, but tables are missing.
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How to associate an email address with Yammer Groups

Can you find out if we can associate an email address with Yammer Groups? For example, we have an ITRMS Yammer group and when I'm sending an e-mail to consultants via Exchange, it would be nice to be ...
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How can I stop receiving e-mail notifications when people join my company's network?

Every time someone joins our company's network, I get an e-mail. It says in the e-mail that I get that e-mail because I'm following a conversation, but every person joining is a new conversation. I'm ...
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Can Confluence be used as a Yammer or Facebook replacement?

We are evaluating Confluence as a wiki and the foundation for a company intranet. We have previously used Yammer, with it's Facebook like social activity stream (post a thought, a link, a photo, and ...
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How to preserve all Yammer history?

I need to download, export or somehow save the last few years of our group Yammer account for my company. We are switching to a new domain, and don't want to lose all the discussions and files. Any ...
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Can you add basic text formatting (bold, italic) in Yammer posts?

When writing a post (or a comment on a post) in Yammer, is there any way to add basic text formatting such as bold or italic text?
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How to mark a post as Question on Yammer?

As I have read on Yammer website and other sources, Yammer is having a Questions application where we can mark a post as question and other members can answer that. But I could not find a option to ...
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