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For questions about the web interface of YouTube (, Questions about native smartphone apps are off-topic here.

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How do I download a YouTube video?

How do I download a YouTube video? I have used various solutions in the past that do not seem to work any longer (KeepVid and various Greasemonkey scripts). Is this just no longer possible?
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How to copy YouTube playlist from one account to another

The link below provides the old answer to this question. The new YouTube playlist play interface is very different. So, what's the trick now? Tired of searching! How can you transfer your playlists ...
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Linking directly to a specific point in time of a YouTube video

If I find a video on YouTube that I want to send to a friend, but I really only care about something at the two minute mark, can I send him a link that will start at two minutes into the video for him?...
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How to replace a video on YouTube

I need to make a small correction in a video I uploaded to YouTube. Googling shows that this is not possible. However, I remember seeing it done before. I posted a comment on a video saying that a ...
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What is the meaning of this two letter code in the YouTube logo?

I see a new logo with CA at Does anyone know what it means?
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YouTube stops buffering when video is paused

For some reason YouTube isn't buffering videos whilst they are paused. It started happening two months ago. At first I thought it was just a global change by YouTube, but after venting on Twitter I ...
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How to share a YouTube video with a specific start and end time?

YouTube gives the option to share a video with a specific start time, something like this: The above video starts at 53 seconds elapsed. Is there any way to ...
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Speed up YouTube Playback?

Is there a way to speed up YouTube playback?
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Is there a way to find comments you made on YouTube? [duplicate]

I made a comment on YouTube and want to see if someone replied to it.
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Getting Youtube and Gmail to work under two different accounts

I swear that I was able to sign into a separate Youtube account ([email protected]) and Gmail ([email protected]) yesterday. I know this because I constantly check gmail and youtube (where I never really sign ...
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Disable videos in YouTube, listen to the audio only

My internet connection is quite slow (128 kbps while browsing) and I want to know if I can disable video streaming on YouTube and listen only to the audio portion. There are many songs on YouTube ...
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Downloading auto-generated YouTube transcriptions

Is there a way to download the automatically generated YouTube transcriptions without downloading the video? I would like to check out the TED talks, but I have limited bandwidth and would like to ...
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How do I share a private YouTube video with someone?

I have uploaded a YouTube video and marked it as private. Now I want to share it with someone. I have tried to share it a few times, but they have not received any email notification. What is the ...
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How to create a YouTube playlist from a list of links? [duplicate]

I have very long lists of YouTube links/bookmarks. I want to create playlists for my YouTube channel with them. Is there any way to do it automatically without having to add each individual URL to a ...
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Prevent automatic loading of next video on YouTube (esp playlists)

I absolutely hate it when I watch a video on YouTube and it automatically loads another video page after it's done playing. This is especially annoying when I'm in the middle of typing a comment as ...
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How to create a playlist form a list of links (not from bookmarks)?

I have something like that how do I convert this to a YouTube playlist?
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How can I disable playlist autoplay in YouTube? [duplicate]

When I open on YouTube a video, which is in a playlist, after the video has reached the end another video from that playlist is loaded automatically. In YouTube settings "Repeat playlist" button is ...
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3 answers

YouTube feed for a show?

Rather than subscribe (in my feed reader) to my YouTube feed of subscribed things (which bunches everything into one big stream), I'd like to subscribe (again, in my feed reader) to each of the things ...
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Closing Google Apps account: Can I migrate YouTube account and Android Apps?

I have a Google Apps account, which I use for my personal email and as my primary personal Google account. The Google Apps account is associated with my personal domain name. I am thinking about ...
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Is there a way I can see a list of all my YouTube comments over time?

I posted something the other day and wish I could find the video again. Is there a way I can see all of my comments? To save people time, I can tell you that (ATTOW) the answer seems NOT to be https://...
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How can I permanently disable video annotations on YouTube?

Is there a setting or YouTube option, or maybe even a browser plugin, that allows you to disable video annotations for good? I want to be able to switch them off permanently.
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Can I change the aspect ratio of a YouTube video I'm viewing?

Is there any way I, as a viewer, can change the aspect ratio of a video where the uploader got it wrong? It's driving me mad! Can't believe YouTube doesn't have anything for me to fix this... Does it? ...
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How do I disable autoplay on YouTube?

When I go to a YouTube video, the video is automatically started, and I hate this. How do I disable the auto-play feature?
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6 answers

How do I get an RSS feed of my YouTube subscriptions?

The default "Subscriptions" feed on the YouTube homepage shows all of the activity of the people that I am subscribed to on YouTube or have in circles on Google+. However, I'm most interested in new ...
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3 answers

How do I unlink my YouTube account from my Gmail account?

My YouTube account has been automatically linked to my Gmail account, but I want to keep my YouTube account separated from my Gmail account. I heard that the feature to unlink accounts was available. ...
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How do I Bulk Delete all of my YouTube Comments and Replies?

Is there a way to bulk delete all my YouTube comments without restarting my channel or deleting anything else? I couldn't really find a good solution anywhere else.
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Getting rid of's recommended videos/channels

Every time I navigate to it recommends videos and channels that I might be interested in or want to see. I just don't want that annoying stuff to appear and distract me from my actual ...
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How do I download subtitles from a YouTube video?

I want to save all the subtitles available for this video where there are subtitles available in three languages. Is there a way to download subtitle files from the video? Are they .srt files? I ...
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How does YouTube view count work?

I have the following scenario: I have uploaded a video to YouTube and I am logged in, but each time I refresh the page or "view" the video, the count does not change. How does the video count work? ...
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Why do I lose my buffered video content when I let the video buffer fully beforehand?

I have always faced this problem on YouTube. What I do is let the video buffer completely and watch it after that. When I click on play it plays fine, but when I move the bar that tells the current ...
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How to stop YouTube player from showing related videos?

How can I stop the YouTube player from showing related video thumbnails and links? I am in search of YouTube video code that shows only the videos in our YouTube stream, i.e., only the videos we have ...
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How to login to YouTube and Gmail separately?

I have an account [email protected] which I used to make a YouTube account years ago (before Google bought YouTube). It got banned for some stupid reason so I made another YouTube account with ...
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How to disable auto-play in YouTube playlists

So I know this question has been asked before, but neither the answers on this question: (How can I disable playlist autoplay in YouTube?), nor the answers from the linked duplicate question there, ...
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2 answers

How to play YouTube video list in chronological order?

Here's a random YouTube video list sorted in chronological order: If you click on the PLAY ALL button, however, the ...
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2 answers

Block advertising from appearing on YouTube channels

A customer of mine has created a YouTube channel for their business but is concerned about the advertising distracting from the product. Is there any way to stop or prevent the adverts from appearing?...
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How can I stream live video on YouTube?

Nowadays, I see a lot of users live streaming on YouTube and wanted to try it for myself. However, when I go to my channel I don't see an option for live streaming. I tried researching how to do this ...
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YouTube videos reload when I replay

When you start a YouTube video, there's a light grey bar which indicates the loading of the video. When I replay the video (by clicking the 'replay' button or by clicking somewhere random on the ...
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Youtube comments censoring [closed]

How does Youtube comments censoring work? Is it a fixed word list, regular expressions, or a learning AI? I sometimes get my comments deleted without clear reason
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Not able to hear voice but can hear music in YouTube

I was trying to watch some video in YouTube today. I am not able to listen to what they are speaking. But whenever some music come up I am able to hear it. Why is this? (I am using Firefox if it’s ...
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How do I extract my YouTube videos?

I have uploaded quite a few videos to YouTube. I'd like to download them all and move them to a different video sharing service. I don't necessarily have the original final files that I uploaded, so I'...
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Is it possible to merge two YouTube channels?

I heard that it is now possible to merge two YouTube channels, using Google+ or something like that. If that's true then: How would I do it? Will both accounts become only one? Will the views and the ...
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1 answer

How to change my YouTube channel name

I don't even know if it's possible to do this, but what I'm trying to do is to change how my name on YouTube shows up to others (when I post videos or comments or the like). I just want to change the ...
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How to remove [Deleted Video]'s from the current playlist?

YouTube recently changed some functions across all their services (the most notable, comments). And added the option to remove videos from currently watched playlists: PERFECT! FANTASTIC! TERRIFIC! ...
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How do I set default accounts for YouTube and Gmail?

I have an email for school and an email for personal use. How can I make it so that, in Chrome, when I go to YouTube it logs me into my personal account but when I go to Gmail it logs me into my ...
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10 answers

Is there a way to play all YouTube videos uploaded by a particular user?

For example, I want to play all 58 videos uploaded by a single user. Obviously I could create a playlist, add each video to it, then play the entire playlist, but is there a simpler way?
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How do I export my YouTube playlists?

YouTube likes to periodically delete videos that are on my favorites list: But they refuse to tell me what they were so I can go find another copy. I would like a way to export my YouTube playlists, ...
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Force YouTube to always buffer the entire video before playing

When I'm watching a YouTube video it will only buffer the next 30 seconds or so. This is something I want to avoid because when trying to watch 1080p videos it will keep pausing because it has to ...
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How to increase the volume on certain YouTube videos

Most videos on YouTube are loud enough and I can hear them perfectly well, but some have got the volume down too low even with the YouTube volume slider on max and the PC volume set to maximum too. In ...
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Add subtitles to a video of another user on YouTube

I would like to offer a translation to another user's video on YouTube. The original video is in Spanish and I would like to write a Hebrew translation that would be relevant to very few people. The ...
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Can I rotate already uploaded videos on YouTube?

Is it possible to rotate (90 degrees) already uploaded videos on YouTube?
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