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For questions about the Zimbra Collaborate Suite web client.

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Transport Gmail label to Zimbra

I have several hundreds of emails in a Gmail label which I want to forward to Zimbra. I want to do this systematically, just like the "Accounts and Import" in Gmail, so that making those emails in ...
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Email Count in Zimbra

In our office we use Zimbra and we have a little administrative problem. Every Monday our secretary has to manually create an email in which the number of emails is shown for every user. She has to ...
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How to create a filter in Gmail to identify messages forwarded from Zimbra?

EDIT: You cand find additional information in Is it possible to create a Gmail filter that works on headers other than From, To, Subject? I have two email accounts, one is my main Gmail account ...
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Making Zimbra web mail format replies for not top posting?

My company uses Zimbra web mail. I participate in a lot of traditional mailing lists, where top-posting is frowned upon. When I hit reply, I want the message set up for interleaved reply, but instead ...
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