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Zoho is a web-based office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, and more.

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Why does Firefox require a double click to edit Zoho spreadsheet? [closed]

I am using Zoho Spreadsheet, an alternative to Google Spreadsheets, that is an online browser based editor. The problem is when I use Firefox on this computer running Windows 10, it requires me to ...
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Enable / Disable IMAP / POP Access on all Zoho email accounts

Within Zoho Email, IMAP Access is disabled by default. I can enable this for each account individually, but I'd like to enable it for all accounts instead of selecting them one-by-one. How can I do ...
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Why are some contacts in Zoho Invoice greyed out?

In the new Zoho Invoice, there are contacts (instead of customers). For some reason, some of my contacts' names are grey, instead of black. What does this mean?
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Inconsistent email notifications from ZoHo task lists

My office has been using Zoho to manage a few ongoing projects. The whole purpose is for everyone involved to get email alerts and notifications when a task is created and be able to add notes and ...
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Sending email from directly within Zoho Projects task

Zoho Projects is fantastic and I am currently exploring its potential. One of its strong points is its task management, which can be reported across projects, assigned to any user oftheprojects and ...
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Why is Facebook login redirecting me to Zoho?

I was using Facebook Connect to log into a site, but I was redirected to Zoho account management. I was asked to either Create a private portal or Create a community forum. I wasn't sure how to ...
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