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Running a script from inside a sheet cell

I have a simple gsheet I want to run a script inside so it can be run from android mobile. Buttons and menus do not work on android mobile.

Here's the code...

C3 says choose your sort D3 has a data validation list of my sort scripts. Only 1 there right now. NormalSort.

I want D3 to be blank and then I choose NormalSort from the drop down. Then OnEdit calls NormalSort. But it's not working.

I get this error...

TypeError: Cannot read property "range" from undefined. (line 2, file "NormalSort")


function onEdit(e) { if (e.range.getC3Notation() == 'D3') { if (/^\w+$/.test(e.value)) {
eval(e.value)(); e.range.clear(); } } }

function NormalSort() { var activeSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(); var sheetName = activeSheet.getSheetName(); //name of sheet to be sorted var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName(sheetName); var headerRows = 3; var range = sheet.getRange(headerRows+1, 1, sheet.getMaxRows()-headerRows, sheet.getLastColumn()); range.sort([{column: 1, ascending: sortFirstAsc=true}, {column: 13, ascending: sortSecondAsc=false}]); }

Thanks for any insight!