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For questions about Google's web application to create and edit spreadsheets on a web browser or app. Don't use it for the Google Drive Excel files editor. Please consider adding a demo spreadsheet to…
For questions about the Gmail service as accessed by a desktop or mobile browser. Questions about native smartphone apps are off-topic on Web Apps.
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For questions about the web interface to Facebook. Questions for smartphone apps or Facebook development belong elsewhere.
For questions about using Google Apps Script to extend Google applications
Formulas used in spreadsheets edited by web applications like Excel Online, Google Sheets, among others.
For questions about the web interface of YouTube (www.youtube.com, youtu.be). Questions about native smartphone apps are off-topic here.
For questions specifically about the web interface of the file synchronization and cloud storage service from Google. Do not use along with [google-docs], [google-sheets] or [google-slides] merely bec…
an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 280-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but those who are unregister…
For questions about the web version of Google Documents, the word processor from Google. For questions about the file manager application use tag [google-drive] instead. Do NOT normally apply both to …
The card-based project management tool by Fog Creek Software. Please send bug reports and feature requests to the developers directly.
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For questions about specific features of Google web applications for Google Apps accounts. G Suite (aka Google Suite) is the new name for Google Apps. It is a suite of products for business clients of…
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Search engine owned and developed by Google
For questions about the Calendar service provided by Google as accessed by a desktop or mobile browser. Questions about native smartphone apps are off-topic on Web Apps.
Use for questions about QUERY built-in function from Google Sheets.
For "how to" questions about Cognito Forms. Questions that require a response directly from Cognito Forms should be addressed to their help system: help.cognitoforms.com
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Use for questions about the use of the Google Sheets built-in function ARRAYFORMULA.
Google common user account needed to access services provided by Google.
an integral part of the Google editors' suite. Its use is to collect responses. It can work with or without Google Sheets.
Do not use this tag! Google+ was shut down by Google on April 2, 2019. Google+ is an interest-based social network that is owned and operated by Google Inc.
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Type of Facebook profile primarily allowing users to sign up as fans or connect with a brand, celebrity or organization.
OFF-TOPIC on Web Applications Stack Exchange, but might be on-topic for Software Recommendations Stack Exchange if they're sufficiently scoped.
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For questions about Google's web application for showing maps in a web browser. Questions about smartphone apps or development using the Google Maps API belong elsewhere.
Pre-made or user-made sets of rules that perform different actions on incoming or outgoing emails in Gmail.
For questions about conditional formatting in spreadsheets.
Methods and/or means to allow users to better control access to their data used by a web app
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Hosting service for software projects using the Git revision control system. For questions about using GitHub web interface such as: how to use its search, pushing your branch or repository, wiki page…
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where a more specific one is available and applicable, for example [gmail], [yahoo-mail], [outlook.com], [mailchimp], [webmail], [mailinator], [yandex-mail], [mail.com] etc..
For questions about Google Chrome insofar as they relate to interaction with a specific web application. Questions about Chrome settings or features should be asked at superuser.com.
Ways and methods to look up data and information from a service, index or some other collection of information
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For questions about Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, a suite of applications for organizations from Google. (Formerly known as Google Apps.)
a webmail service from Microsoft.
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A branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and networks.
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Google's version of folders in the context of email organization. They are essentially tags that can be assigned to an email message. A message can have one or more labels.
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For questions about the web interface of Google's people manager, either as a standalone product or associated with Gmail.
Accessing and/or interacting with a web app often requires one of these
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An instant messaging service and software application by Facebook. Originally developed as Facebook Chat.
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