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If you are using the app: Click on the three lines in the upper-left corner. Click on “Your Account” Scroll down to the bottom. The second to last bold heading is “Personalized Content”. Select “Profile” beneath that. Scroll to bottom to see your reviews. You can filter the activity by reviews only.


I had the same problem going through the interface, but I was able to 'unshare' documents by going through Google Drive and choosing Remove.


Go to Who is my administrator? NOTE: The above link points to a tool on the G Suite Administrator Help Center that could show who is the administrator of the account used by the user who is accessing the web page. This is what is shown for one of my accounts managed by someone else Who is my administrator? Quick definition: A person who manages ...


The only way is that the admin tell you that someway. The above because the licence type is only displayed on the admin console. The only indication that is given to users is that their account is a managed account.

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