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Where can we see the list of all shared albums on Google Plus?

It seems that a link like{NAME}/albums works.
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How do I turn a Google Photos search result into an album?

Perform your search Click on the check mark of the first photo so that it is selected Scroll down to the bottom of the batch of photos While holding down the shift key, click the check mark of the ...
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How can I get a list of albums in Google Photos

Here's an update (for the current state of Google Photos) to user79865's answer ... The list of all albums Executed on the page, this script returns a string that ...
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How can I get a list of albums in Google Photos

I found the google API can provide a list of albums and provides an online way to run the command and print results using your live data.
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How can I move a Facebook album on my account to a page I created?

You could chose to 'Share' the album to your group page (page you manage). Go to Photos on your main page. Select Albums Open the album you would like to share. Got to the end of the album and click ...
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How to move an already uploaded image into an album in Imgur

according to a help article located at you may add an existing image to an existing album or to a ...
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