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Can you alias a user to a temporary @-mention?

Try creating a Slack User Group and assigning the current on-call user as a member of your new group. You can then @mention them via their group name, like this: @current-on-call
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How to get the dot in my email to appear in "send mail as"?

I also had a similar problem with them and found although you own these addresses you would have to add them individually to be able to send a reply. I couldn't find no instructions to do this but I ...
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Can you alias a user to a temporary @-mention?

You can check out It's a Slack app that automatically rotates users within a Slack user group (or alias) based on a schedule. You can have an @oncall user group updated daily or ...
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Gmail 'send mail as' setup always fails using an alias from a "separate" Gmail account

TL;DR Regardless of whether using a Google Account's primary email address for a "Send As" alias, or an email alias of that account, you must always use the account's username to ...
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My Hotmail Account

You should remove Gmail as as service from your Google Account in order to be able to use an email address from a non-Google service as the Google Account primary email address. Related Can the ...
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Why does gmail send confirmation mail to address of alias?

Gmail (for email addresses hosted on allows "plus" aliases that doesn't require a verification email. For all other "aliases", specially those added by using "...
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How can I filter Gmail emails that do not include a plus sign in the to line?

I could not find a straightforward solution myself either because the plus (+) sign is reserved as a special character for "Results that match a word exactly". So I use the following ...
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How to clearly distinguish all emails related to another domain inside personal gmail account?

In the page where you specify the outside mail link, you can also specify a label to attach to all the email, you can also specify that you want it to skip the inbox. To make it easy to see those ...
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Gmail alias - Automatically "send mail as" alias when alias is recipient

In your Gmail Settings there is an option for this: In addition, also note these settings:
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"Send Mail As" is not receiving mail

So, this is not the correct answer, but the "Check email from another account" seems to be a workaround for now. And, to make it similar to the "send mail as" importer, I've chosen to check the first ...
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How to send messages from Gmail using my Outlook.Office account?

This is presumably "Office 365". As far as I known, the "Send Mail As" functionality is the only way to be able to send from Gmail using another address (at least in personal Gmail). In which case, ...
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