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Some Twitter GIFs don’t work in PC browsers, do work in mobile browsers

It's because those GIFs are MP4s coded with high levels (6.0 etc.) that normal hardware can't play. In Chrome: Disable "Hardware-accelerated video" decode in chrome://flags (type this is ...
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How to paste a Peek video/animation in Google Docs?

You cannot copy and paste the video/animation, then it becomes just a screenshot of the time when you copied it. GIF and APNG work if you instead go to the menu: Google Docs: Insert --> Image --&...
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Is there a way to make Google Slides treat Animated GIFs as click-to-play instead of auto-play?

The workaround is to use new slides for timing the start time of the gif. As has been mentioned a "hidden" gif plays hidden until the trigger event of the animation starts, making it ...
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