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Select multiple groups with mouse drag in

added: distribution not work for multi group(when use movable method instead of ctrl manually, it seems distribution operation ignore movable attribute!!!!!but algin does take movable into account!!!!)...
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Is there a way to hide the collapse/expand button in

I found that this was a Style Property of the object. If you find the TreeFolding property, either remove the tick beside it or set it to 0.
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How to force a straight line in

When a line is selected, in the Style option box, there is the 'Waypoints' drop-down with options like "Straight', 'Orthogonal', 'Vertical', 'Horizontal' etc. Selecting 'Straight' should do what ...
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How can I wrap text in a text box in

If you are working with a text label rather than a shape, the way to do this is to disable the "autosize" checkbox in the hidden properties. This enables the "word wrap" checkbox ...
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How to align objects in Draw IO to a single object rather than an average

After searching for the answer and seeing this post, I played around with the arrange align buttons, and from what I found Align Middle and Align Center will center based on which ever object you ...
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