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How are you supposed to see unassigned non-project tasks in Personal Projects in Asana?

The Personal Projects workspace has been phased out in the newer versions of Asana. I learned this when I asked about a limitation I had with Personal Projects (it would not allow me to order projects ...
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Prioritize Asana tags

I did some tests. Asana shows the tags ordered alphabetically. The tags have higher priority than the projects, so they'll show up before everything else near the task. From my tests you can see only ...
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How to set the space between two lines in Asana when pasting code in the description window?

Types of Line Breaks You are describing the difference between starting a new paragraph and starting a new line. Typically this is referred to as some variation of Hard Return vs. Soft Return or ...
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How can I fix '/asana failed with the error "user_not_visible"' on Slack?

This has probably something to do with user_not_visible Slack API error. user.info API call returns this error when The requested user is not visible to the calling user. In this case, it could be ...
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How to list all tags in Asana

I think the ability to view all tags has been removed. You could create a task in a project titled "tags", then list all the tags in that task. https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-display-all-of-my-tags-...
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