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It's not possible to achieve the desired result by using IMPORTXML alone, I think. Instead use Google Apps Script and the XML Service Service. Example: Adaptation of the code taken from the answer by Vidar S. Ramdal function parseFeedXml(url) { var result = []; var xml = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url).getContentText(); var document = XmlService.parse(xml)...


It turns out that using OpenPop to retrieve the entire message does work. It can 'miss' a message if another pop3 client has already downloaded it before OpenPop gets to it (that's why I saw GetMessageUids() return 0 - I was debugging step by step). One can get around this by prefixing one's username with "recent:" in Pop3Client.Authenticate(). This will ...


It depends on what you mean by the word consumer. If you mean you are going to subscribe to the feed and simply read it via a feed reader, then I think the choice is a personal preference, therefor you should try both ATOM and RSS and see if you prefer one. In this case, probably the type of feed is not important to you as long as the software or service you ...


Only the older spreadsheets that were not been migrated yet could be published as RSS. It's worth to say that older spreadsheets will be migrated over 2015. See Upgrading older spreadsheets to new Google Sheets for further details.

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