You can request to download all your Facebook information. You can find this on Settings > Your Facebook Information > Download Your Information. Deselect all and select Photos and Videos. This will include all your photos and you can set the media quality to High.


Using a combination of Filters and Templates (they used to be called Canned responses) you can achieve what you asked for. Please follow these steps: Go to Settings > Advanced Enable Templates Create a draft email to your liking leaving Recipients blank Go to the bottom of your newly created draft email and click on the kebab menu (3 little dots/More ...


Instagram has an API that you can use that might suite your needs. It should work in whatever language you want to use as long as it has the ability to consume an API. https://developers.facebook.com/products/instagram/ Any questions about how to use a language to query the API would need to be posted on StackOverflow and not here.

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