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Grant Access To Change Payment Methods To Azure Account

Isn't the Azure portal fun! Per the help docs, only the Account Administrator (the person who signed up for or bought the Azure subscription) can make changes to the billing methods. The billing ...
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How to view current and past thread counts of an Azure App Service?

You have to go to the Diagnose and solve problems tab and click Metrics per instance (Apps) in the sidebar of that tab. In that area you can then select a thread count metric.
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How to "fully" delete a Department from the Azure EA Portal?

You can't fully delete a department once created. You can edit the name but if you delete, it will just change to an inactive status so you can hide it from view. The reason for not allowing ...
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How to "fully" delete a Department from the Azure EA Portal?

I've had this same issue at my business site - I ended up calling support and they could remove it for me. You should have a dedicated account manager that will help you expedite this request. It ...
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What is the most clear way to link to git souce code from a wiki in Visual Studio Online?

you can try to use the Clone url for the Git repository. It looks like{tenant}/{project}/_git/{repository} and can be used in the browser too.
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Azure DevOps Organization Setting

At this time, this functionality is not available. Please help us improve Azure DevOps by requesting this as a new feature.
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VSTS deploy to third party hosting?

If your hosting provider allows FTP access you could use the FTP Upload step in your deployment pipeline.
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Download videos from UNFCCC webcast service (azuremediaplayer -

This might help you: Either you merge them together: Merging audio and video using ffmpeg Or you can use VLC to "watch"/"hear" multiple files at the same time: ...
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