When the New Basecamp launched, there was an article or blog discussing the editor; but for the life of me I can't find it now. Yet here are the basics of what it mentioned: The editor is meant to be WYSIWYG, and does not interpret Textile or any other markup language. It interprets hyperlinks in its own way (e.g. shortening them for display purposes) - ...


Open word, create a hyperlink, copy and paste it into the basecamp editor then you can get a nice MyLink Make sure you clean up the garbage code added by Word. Yes, this is how you roll on basecamp. I think they believe the user should implement suboptimal features so they don't have to build (and maintain) the ideal ones.


One service called Zapier (disclaimer, I'm a cofounder) offers exactly this (plus a lot more), I invite you to check it out. We have the ability to send Basecamp Attachment to Dropbox and also Sync New Dropbox File to Basecamp. It looks a lot like this: If you have any questions about how we do this, I am more than happy to answer them: just email me at ...


If you mean the markup for writeboards and messages and such it is: * First level bullet point ** Second level bullet point *** Third level bullet point This will show up as: First level bullet point Second level bullet point Third level bullet point


To my understanding, deleting a global 37Signals user ID requires a special Support request. There are various ways to contact 37Signals Support ... assuming you're a Basecamp account owner, you can go here: https://help.37signals.com/bcx/tickets/new. Provide them the user's name and email; and let them know you'd like the user's global Launchpad ID to be ...


Outlook can easily be set to use HTML by default rather than Rich Text. You could ask your users to make this setting. I stopped using Rich Text years ago when I realized it's not very compatible with non-Outlook clients. If you're having Basecamp problems even under HTML mode, I would run this by 37Signals Support. You could forward them an example email ...


You're in good company - a lot of people miss the Private facilities (nice write-up here). In one of 37Signal's early communications during the release of the new system, they stated that they are "rethinking" Private, and that they may add support for this in the future. When you look at their "New stuff" link, you can tell that they're working hard on ...


We've started using internal user accounts as psuedo-statuses. So we've created backlog, ready to test, ready to push That way, we can keep the tasks organized in their original to-do lists, even if backlogged (assigned to the 'backlog' user). If you have one person tasked to QA or Pushes, you're probably OK. With a smaller shop like ours, I just go in and ...


The Roadmap product, which integrates with Basecamp, lets you define custom health labels (along with a color). Within Roadmap, you can then assign these to your Basecamp projects and track/report using them. More info here. I don't know of any formal way to do this within Basecamp all by itself - I think you need a complementary tool. In full disclosure, I ...


There's John Wood's Campfire plugin, which can do what you wish: http://johnpwood.net/2011/03/26/custom-audio-notifications-in-campfire/ You can also play sounds on demand in Campfire by typing "/play bueller" or another one of the sounds listed here: https://github.com/37signals/campfire-api/blob/master/sections/messages.md


Just click refresh in your browser :). This will repaint the page with the comment box collapsed. Or feel free to navigate away from the page. There's no harm or impact to having the comment box displayed. Text that you have typed will be auto-saved as draft, but not officially saved/committed.


If you mean the new Basecamp version, you will need to use Google Docs, Word, or some other document formatting tool to get indented lists for now.

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