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Static web hosting on Dropbox — index.html

The index.html redirect from / is resolved by the web server. Given that Dropbox doesn’t offer a web hosting service, but a file hosting service, I doubt you’ll be able to make it work the way you ...
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Where did the Facebook Notes settings go?

After 2020.10.31, "Facebook Notes" (A, B) is being deprecated (programmer-speak for a "Deleted"/"Killed" feature basically) quietly/silently with nearly zero warning....
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Why do Blogs created on Blogger show as 'Not Secure' even when Blogger is a Google Service?

The way to make sure that your blogs are listed as 'secure' are that you must enable what is known as a 'HTTPS redirect' in your blog settings. To access this setting, go to -> settings -> HTTPS ...
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Text is messed up when writing RTL (Arabic) with English in between

The way I fix it only in the live page is by adding a special tag to each Arabic post (for example tag arabic) then in theme CSS I add: tag-arabic { direction: rtl; } You can add that CSS line ...
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Pocket and RSS Reader. Is there a better way?

This is a very old question, but in case someone else is looking for a solution, it's Poki for Pocket. This app allows you to connect to your pocket account, and then allows you to view your articles ...
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How to combine between compose and HTML modes easily in blogger?

In Compose mode, put in some marker text which doesn't appear anywhere else in your post (I usually use XXX) at the place where you want to add the HTML. Then switch to HTML mode, and use your ...
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Tumblr - How to link to photo permalink from Tumblr dashboard?

You can add a link on a photo by clicking the one encircled with red: Add your desired link on the space provided once you click on that button. If you want to use the photo's permalink, upload the ...
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How to show the output of code samples interactively in blog posts on Blogger

From Instructions 1. Go to and create your snippet 2. Navigate to Menu > Share > Embed Code (embeds in an iFrame). 3. Copy the ...
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How to make Blogger show the last modified date of any post?

It is a good question and the very simple answer is: you cannot. Blogger does not support a last modified header. This page lists all the data points available for parsing and you will soon find that ...
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How can I add a Facebook Like box to my blog?

The Like Box is deprecated now. You should use the Page Plugin now, which lets you easily embed and promote any public Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like ...
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