Blogs are frequently updated websites, often of a personal nature.

Blogs, short for weblogs, shorter still for web logging, harks back to the early ages of the Internet and allows people to publish their thoughts, views and opinions on an array of topics.

Often times personal, a blog consists of many posts which are themselves called blog posts and by the default format, is read chronologically backward. Latest entries being topmost of the page while early posts are further back or into the archives.

Blogs have spawned many variants where text may not be the primary message. These include:

  • photoblog - primary focus is on photos
  • vlogs - video blogs
  • moblog - where the content is generated via the use of a mobile device such as a smartphone
  • travelogs - blogs where the author(s) are travelling and keeping track of their journey
  • microblog - each post content length is limited to a certain character or word length and no more