This should do it: javascript:title=document.URL + ' ' + document.title;if(title){void(prompt('Page Title',title));}


I know this post is ancient now but it hasn't been solved correctly, i.e. in the form of: a bookmarklet that takes the keywords in an existing Google search and searches YouTube using the same keywords I was looking for the exact same thing as OP and this post was pretty much the only relevant Google search result, so I made a bookmarklet myself for this ...


I'm well late arriving here, but I thought I'd add anyway. My bookmarklets with +1 and share functionality.


I wanted something which could capture screenshots of a local server, so a web service like Browsershots wasn't what I wanted. Therefore, using html2canvas I've made a bookmarklet which captures a screenshot locally, rendering elements with a canvas. To use it, copy this as a bookmarklet: (function(d,w,h,s,i){w[h]||(s=d.createElement('script'),s.src='//...


If you use Chrome, you can configure a custom search engine so that you can get results by directly typing your search keyword in the address bar or "omnibox". The steps are simple and described in the section See details on setting up a search engine in the article "Manage search engines" of the Chrome documentation. Click the Chrome menu on the browser ...

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