This worked for me https://github.com/jeffwidman/bitbucket-issue-migration python migrate.py -g username -u username -s reponame -d reponame


Team Foundation Server does offer a REST API (as of May 2014), in both Visual Studio Online and subsequent versions of on-premises Team Foundation Server. Documentation is available here.


I just wrote a simple script in Ruby just to do that, you can check it out here: https://github.com/siong1987/issues_importer


There's a Facebook Survey box, that any Facebook Pages Ads campaign runner my reach, by going to New Page Insights, clicking on ... buton in (right-top corner) and selecting Send Feedback. But, I'm not sure, if this is what you've been looking for? And... I'm not sure, if anyone is reading this at Facebook side! :]


Assembla, even in free plan, can offer Any amount of "Spaces" (collection of Assembla tools with tight integration between them) Any amount of independent SVN-repositories (they have 1.8 already) in every single space Rather good bugtracking Messaging for team's communication Ability to use external SVN-repositories inside Assembla spaces ("External ...


Google Forms now allows forms editors to insert images. From Add and edit questions, headers, images, videos, and page breaks Once you’ve created a form, you’re ready to start adding the questions you’d like to ask. If you’d like to give your form some structure, you can also add section headers and page breaks. Add questions, headers, and page ...

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