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Use calculation to provide the next Friday based on submission date

I'm a developer with Cognito Forms. You can use the following calculation in a second Date field, that is targeting another date field. By targeting the first Date will be used to enter in the ...
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Combinations to find a given sum

You want to solve a subset sum problem, which is a variation of the knapsack problem. The problem is NP-complete and there is no known efficient algorithm to give an optimal solution in the general ...
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Please recommend a form like Google form to add calculations and if else logic when a user submits data

not sure which logic you need: =IF(A1="X";"X";"Y") =IF(SUM(A1:A2)<5;"X";"Y")
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Find total number of months, divide whole number by total number of months

I'm a developer with Cognito Forms. Your calculator can be easily created using our calculation field. You can also find examples and tips on how to use the calculation field on our support page. Here ...
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Adding Calculator to Cognito Form to create delivery charge line item

To do this: Add a Price field to your form called Delivery Fee. Under the Show This Field option, set the field to only appear when a customer selects Delivery from your Choice field: Add an Order ...
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