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Can I share an event as an ICS file?

The easiest way to do this (without creating another calendar) is to create the event and then invite yourself. You'll receive an email from Google with the .ics file as an attachment.
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Can I share an event as an ICS file?

There isn't a nice and direct way to do that. However, you could do the following: Create a new temporary calendar from the + sign in the calendars list. Go to your event and copy/duplicate it to ...
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How to remove the Google Calendar duplicate events?

Not Duplicates Strictly speaking, this is not a case of duplicate events in your calendar. Rather, you are looking at 2 different Google users' calendars who are attending the same event. Google ...
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Can I share an event as an ICS file?

On a Samsung Android phone at least, open up the event on your phone in the Samsung Calendar app, share as ICS file, email it to yourself, others, etc.
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How can I display the events from two Google Calendars in a single iframe?

To do this, you need to combine the src strings from the embed codes. So if you want to display these two calendars: <iframe src="
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Is there a way to add a meeting occurring certain time every (let's say) third Wednesday of the month into Google Calendar?

On, go to a third Wednesday of the month into Google Calendar, then custom, then monthly on the third Wednesday:
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Can I share an event as an ICS file?

I didn't find any option in Google Calendar to export a single event, but there is a workaround. Simply invite yourself with a non-Gmail account, by default the event will be attached to that ...
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How can I add the British Columbia holidays to my Google Calendar?

If you cannot import those holidays via Google Calendar itself, you can add them through an external source such as:
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Importing "Reminders" to Google Calendar using CSV file

This doesn't appear to be possible (yet). You'd think that you'd be able to import a CSV into your Reminders calendar ... CSV import has a "reminders on/off" option, but that's for sending push ...
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Why does Google Calendar suggest a lot of people were born on Jan 1st?

This isn't a built-in feature of Calendar, it doesn't assume people's birthdays are on the 1st - if a birthday is missing, it's not displayed. This seems like a 3rd party app added birthdate data and ...
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How do I change the reminder time of a birthday reminder in

Birthday events that are automatically generated by can't be edited via the Outlook desktop application because the Birthdays calendar folder is read-only. These events also can't be ...
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How to convert "standard" dates (Gregorian calendar) to Ethiopian calendar?

Please, see test sheet Column B contains gregorian dates and formula in Column C and D converts it to Ethiopian. Range A13:B26 is support with Ethiopian month names. Formulas in Column C and Column D ...
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How do I see an event in different time zones in Google Calendar?

In Google Calendar » Settings there is an option to add an additional timezone to event views. Check "Display secondary timezone" and choose the timezone you would like to have displayed for ...
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How to use Apple Mail App instead of Gmail when mailing an event from Apple Calendar app

Mail > Preferences > General > Default email reader:
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Google Calendar: How to add a school timetable (accounting for the lack of lessons between term dates)?

You are correct, you cannot automatically specify "skip dates" when scheduling a repeating event. You have to manually delete the events scheduled between terms (be sure to select "This event" when ...
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How can I display the events from two Google Calendars in a single iframe?

You can do this using the old embed format. I've tested this today and it still works. <iframe src="<cal1>&color=%...
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Can I share an event as an ICS file?

For people looking to create a simple event that you can share easily look below. I tested importing this event into Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Create a ".ics" file in your ...
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All Trello cards, from every board, in a single calendar

Kin, a calendar app currently in beta, offers a Trello integration similar to Sunrise Calendar. An iOS app is currently in the works. You can check the status of the mobile app and other developments ...
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How to add UK Mothering Sunday and Father's Day to Google Calendar?

I personally just input all the dates manually until I'd be about 100 or so. Input them on a computer using a phone to reference the page if you don't want to be 100 or so when you're finished. :) ...
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How can I access GMX calendar outside of web UI?

From the help pages: You can use your GMX Organizer with every application that supports the CalDAV standard or .ics format like Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac OS calendar. The GMX Organizer can ...
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Is it possible to view cards across projects by due date on Trello?

Yes you can. But only the cards that are assigned to you. So in order: click your "profile icon" in the upper right corner click on "Cards" from the horizonal menu in the next page -> select "Cards" ...
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