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Can I block a private Instagram account from leaving comments under my comments?

This is impossible. Based on the Instagram Help Center, people that you block can still see your likes and comments on posts that were shared by public accounts or accounts they follow. What you can ...
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How could you add clickable text hyperlinks in YouTube comments?

I have been putting up quality content that is being shared by some of the top content on the internet but am still unable to perform better in search. My URL is [https://actogames.com/][1] from the ...
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How to see replies to your comments on YouTube?

You can see your own comments by clicking on History in the left menu, then Comments in the right menu. Then you can open each comment in a new tab and look at them and their replies. Note that if ...
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Since YouTube comment downvotes don't subtract from the score, what are they actually used for?

I suspect they do impact visibility. I noticed that when I comment with a minority opinion, my comment gets less or possibly no views. Considering the general sentiment in the particular comment ...
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Facebook keeps sending messages at Enter key instead of making a new line

ctrl + enter creates a line break, everything after the cursor moves down to a new line
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