Please use the following formula =B2>=A2 for green (if the cell on the right is greater than or equal to the cell on the left) =AND(B2>=A2,B2<>"") =B2<A2 for red (if the cell on the right is less than the cell on the left) =AND(B2<A2,B2<>"")


Either the Apply to range or the formulas are wrong. Instead of B:B use B2:B OR Instead of B2>=A2 it should be B1>=A1 Instead of B2<A2 it should be B1>A1 Apply to range you might select the whole column B Use a custom formula with relative references i.e. B1 instead or $B$1 First rule Second rule Related How to conditional format in ...


Custom number formatting supports conditionals, but only two of them plus a default format. So, to display millions and billions of dollars, you can use Format > Number > More Formats > Custom number format with something like this: [>999999999.999]$#.00,,, "B";[>999999.999]$#.00,, "M";$#,##0_M Unfortunately, this will ...

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