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Can Confluence show all inline comments on a page?

According to this Atlassian Answers question, there is no built-in way to do so. So I built a JavaScript function which you can easily turn into a bookmarklet using a service like Bookmarklet ...
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Shortcut key for monospaced character format in Confluence

The way I do this is pretty simple, I added a bookmark/shortcut that executes the click on the monospace button like so: javascript:$('#rte-monospace').click(); If you use Google Chrome, simply ...
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Nested list in draw.io?

From draw.io support in Google groups: Note: If I try to embed that into a colored container, it will push the colored background, in order to embed itself. PS: I ended up using a pool, instead of ...
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An exact auto-updated copy of another Confluence page

excerpt and excerpt-include macros (manual) should help -- mark the master copy with excerpt (all of it or just a section) and include it elsewhere as many times as you need.
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Add or Remove Individual Cells in Confluence

I'm afraid that removing a cell is not a normal feature but an anomaly in the editor. The only option would be indeed to delete the entire column with missing cells.
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How to know how many questions there are in a Confluence Questions database?

I've found it. Questions are nothing but another type of content in conflunce. So, if you go to the content search and filter by the custom type "Question", you can see how many questions there are: ...
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How to embed links from intranet Jira, in Confluence cloud document

There needs to be an Application Link between Jira and Confluence for the Jira issue macro to work. This is set up automatically in the Jira/Confluence cloud sites. You would need to allow access to ...
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How can I remove numbers from headings?

Click it again. That'll turn it off. The "little numbering menu" evidently works like a toggle switch.
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This page isn't available despite having access

Ad-blocker to blame Failed experimentation with clearing cookies made me forget another fundamental difference of Chrome's Incognito mode (vs normal window) By default, all extensions are disabled ...
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Draw.io in Confluence: For multiple overlayed workflows button to focus on different workflows

you can do that with layer. You may know the layer functionality in MS Visio, also draw.io provide that feature to implement a ton of information in one diagram and differ them between multiple view ...
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