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WhatsApp group with hidden numbers?

Not possible. The number of a person is the most basic thing that gets shared in WhatsApp, and it might be the only thing you would know about a person. There are other messengers who work ...
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Google Admin Groups is changing my email address to my associated gmail account

My email address with the personal domain was listed as an alternate email for my Google account. I removed that from my G account, and now I can add that email explicitly.
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Delegating my contacts do not show contact groups to other party

No, from the help article on delegating access to contacts "Your assistant will now be able to access all contacts in your My Contacts group." which implies they will not have access to any other ...
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Create Group Email from Labels

Create and populate the contact label Go to Select menu on left and click "Add Label" Select a contact Click on the '...' menu on the right, and select the label you created. ...
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Create Group Email from Labels

There's a better way. Go to Contacts. Select New Group: At the top of the nav, click on the 'Add to' icon: Then just paste the email addresses that you've copied from the 'Reply To All' in the ...
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