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Does WhatsApp 'upload' contact list to Facebook's databases? If so, how to prevent?

Update: It seems that the answer is a strong NO. You can't prevent it. WhatsApp's legal privacy statement: Third Parties. WhatsApp may transfer data within the Facebook family of companies and to ...
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How can I extract email addresses from emails on Office 365?

If you have a reasonably up-to-date version of Office, the easiest method is to use Excel with PowerQuery. PowerQuery has a source for Office 365 and Exchange Online. Connect up to the Mail entry and ...
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How could I contact site's admins besides contact form and email?

Find contact us link for the webmaster .. you can find out in homage of the site or the footer area Or you can simply go with site and you can find site owner throughout this link enter ...
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How to reach a human responsible for

Try contact us, social media on or email the authors of posts on
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I'm seeing a stranger in my messenger's contacts

That's probably because Messenger is also an SMS client, so you can use it to message people in your phone's contacts even if they're not connected to you at all on FB. At some point in the past, ...
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Gsuite automatically add contact from email sender

Not sure about G Suite, but in the plain old ordinary Gmail, that settings is under Settings > General. Create contacts for auto-complete: Your two options are: When I send a message to a new ...
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Does the mobile version of LinkedIn still mess up contacts?

Before synchronizing your phone contacts LinkedIn take your permission. It do not do it automatically. And yes it still do the same with owner permission.
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Removing someone from Gmail chat list

Click on the contact in the list, choose "settings" in the context menu, then select "archive".
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Can I export my Facebook friends' contact info to Gmail?

If you a have a Yahoo account you can use that mail to import facebook contact. Then you can import in your gmail account. You can follow these simple steps: IMPORT CONTATCTS TO YAHOO MAIL ACCOUNT ...
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