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For whatever reason, saving the cookies from now works as you would expect, and I don't have to re-enter a verification code every time I start my browser. I don't know what changed. Edit: And now the problem is back.


When you sign in using Google on any site, Google sends back the following data to the site: Your name (Display name) Your email ID Your profile picture (Actually it's a url to your profile picture) If a site needs any data other than name, email and profile picture then the user is prompted to grant the permission for the site to access the requested ...


I'm afraid you can't have your cake and eat it too. How will Google know it's the same computer? Even if it is, how will they know it's you're user account? They can't rely on IP address, because those change. The only thing that's reasonable is cookies, since you're probably keeping the physical machine secure from bad actors. (And if you're not, you've got ...


The four exceptions I use are... Just be sure, though, that if you run any type of browser cleaners (or cleaners that can clean out browser info as well as other stuff), disable the cleaner from cleaning site preferences; which is what these exceptions are. Otherwise, you'll have to add them ...

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