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How to download and remove e-mails from IMAP Gmail?

Something not far from "pop" the e-mail for local storage, in that it's removed from the server. This is with IMAP, of course. The only thing that actually makes POP destructive is the ...
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Is it possible to recover an email that has been clicked "delete forever" in the trash folder?

If this Gmail account was part of a work or school Google Apps domain, your admin can restore deleted email or Drive files for up to 25 days by following the step provided in this Google help article: ...
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Is it possible to recover deleted responses from Google Forms?

Yes you can get back deleted form Responses i know this is an old post but this answer is for anyone else looking for the same solution to a similar problem quite recently. You might have some luck ...
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Is it possible to recover deleted responses from Google Forms?

If you didn't save the form responses to a Sheet before deleting them, they cannot be recovered after deletion. I contacted Google support about this issue in the past and they told me the same ...
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Google deleted (from 3 accounts) a threatening email that I need as evidence of a crime-how to retrieve?

Undelete messages You can move messages out of your Trash if you deleted them in the last 30 days. How to recover messages from your Trash: Log in to Gmail Go to your Trash or ...
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How can I undo deleted comment on YouTube?

Currently, there is no "undo" functionality on YouTube for deleted comments. Deleted comments are instantly deleted upon clicking on Delete button. You can request the "undo" feature under Send ...
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1 vote

To retrieve deleted Gmail mails

Any email you delete goes to your Trash. Just go to Trash just below Spam on the left vertical menu. However, you you have emptied your Trash, then it now depends on Gmail. If Gmail has not deleted ...
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Is it possible to recover a deleted form on Cognito?

We, Cognito Forms, archive forms (but definitely not entries) each night in order to provide assistance to customers that have accidentally deleted forms they spent hours or days perfecting. Please ...
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Restore an entire Google Drive folder

If you access your Google Drive online, you will see an icon with a letter "i" in it. Clicking on this will show you the history of everything that has happened within that folder you are in. Go ...
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