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Why does not resolve

Official Statement had this to say about the issue: 2018-07-13T1545: yes, unlike other public DNS services, does not ...
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Why does not resolve

This is the statement from the CEO & co-founder of CloudFlare on Hacker News in May 2019 about this issue: We don’t block or any other domain via Doing so, we believe, would ...
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Why does not resolve

This is a very interesting question, and I've given it a lot of thought. The one sentence answer is "because blocks DNS requests from Cloudflare's datacenters". That of course leads to the ...
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Why using wildcard DNS record in Github Pages custom domain will allow anyone to host at one of my subdomain?

A CNAME is just an alias used by the browser to look up the IP address of a website - the server still only sees the original address (e.g. In fact, all YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME.github....
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My G Suite Gmail personal emails to people are being sent to spam

Seeing that you are managing your own G Suite domain instead of using Gmail. You will need to ensure that you have SPF, DKIM and potentially DMARC configured against your domain to ensure delivery is ...
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Getting root domain SSL to work with G Suite, Google Sites, and Google Domains

I have hosted several websites using Google Sites, that includes sites for educational institutions, local shops, and personal websites. First off, you can't use a naked domain to get to work with ...
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How can I filter out using Google (Or Firefox if not)?

Use Google's site: filter eg More Google search syntax usage at Google Help - Refine web searches
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What’s the difference between * and

In computer networking, a wildcard certificate is a public key certificate which can be used with multiple sub-domains of a domain. A single wildcard certificate for https://* will secure ...
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Google Domains DNS: MX Record Already In Use

Delete the MX record and create a new one, but press the + button to see the create more records.
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Getting root domain SSL to work with G Suite, Google Sites, and Google Domains

This answer from @blairanderson solved it:
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Why I can open Reddit in Chrome but not in Firefox?

Well, as you mentioned - DNS. Chrome uses its own DNS and while Firefox relies on default (ISP) DNS. You should be able to resolve your issue by applying global DNS on your PC and also ...
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Using Gmail to send email from another address without setting the SPF record

The documentation at the link that you provided says: Your other email provider has to provide authenticated SMTP support for you to use this option. We'll use TLS by default, or SSL if you enable ...
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Is there a DNS Blacklist check for Hotmail/Live accounts?

I don't know how to check but you can get sending fail mail bounce back to sender email address if IP/domain is black listed. If your server/IP black listed than you can get the domain white listed ...
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Does CNAME work for Secondary Domains

Although this was not supported by Google Apps in the past it is now supported! Note the Customize a Google Apps service address page no longer lists the inability to use secondary domains in the ...
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