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When a row is dropped to early, it could snap to original position. Check the following article: In order to move row 4 to another place, it was drag&dropped slightly over the first row and it became the 2nd row. Hopefully the article will help.


verticalLabelPosition=bottom;verticalAlign=top;html=1;shape=mxgraph.basic.arc;startAngle=0.7934506846033575;endAngle=0.08601043481131534;fillColor=none;direction=east;perimeter=ellipsePerimeter;rotation=0; Thank you very much for this. How do you add arrows to the ends of the arc? I am writing my first geometry paper, and would like to represent arcs with ...


There is a position in Arrange tab when an element is selected. Does this help? Regards,


It's been a while, but I was searching for an answer. I searched and fiddled around and for me the Pointer Events do the trick. You can find it under Style of the object. This makes the outer rectangle selectable only by clicking on the actual line. And makes the internal rectangle selectable even if background.

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