Yes. While editing the document open the File menu and select Make a copy... You can optionally copy the collaborators from the original document. Comments are not copied.


It appears Google have made this very difficult, I guess to stop the accidental creation of various versions of documents. If the file is a Google format, you can open it and select File → Make a copy to duplicate it. If it isn't, the only work around I've seen within the web interface is this cumbersome solution. (Only for files smaller than 25Mb.) ...


See this: Blogger Help: Import and export blogs To make a copy of your blog's posts and comments, you have to export your blog and then import it to another existing blog. Export Your blog To export your blog, simply click "Export Blog" from the Settings | Other tab. Then, click the Export Blog button. Your blog will be stored as a ...


Probably you found a solution by now, but here is a script which scans for "?" after a / in case you saved it across multiple social media channels: https://keepingitclassless.net/2015/01/remove-duplicates-from-pocket-list


It now is safe to delete any Google+ thing without deleting your channel. In fact, Google+ unintegration is nearly done now, new channels can't even have Google+ connected to them anymore.


Doesn't work for folders, but you can Right-Click each file and "Make a copy", which you can then drag-n-drop to your new destination. Although lots of clicking, I'm using this method.


There is cloudHQ that make syncing between Dropbox, Basecamp, and Google Docs possible. In that way it can also act as a backup I guess.

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