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Since Hotmail has moved to Outlook.com, the new way to check your rules is as follows: Right Click the "Folders" drop-down tile on the left-hand side plane. Select "Manage Rules". You should be able to edit and create new rules from here.


Yahoo mail offers this as a feature of Mail Plus that is available at an extra cost.


For the latest version of Outlook Online at the time of this writing, it is to go to settings icon top right --> options --> mail --> automatic processing --> inbox and sweep rules.


Without paying for Mail Plus, you have two options: Create an extra email address instead of a separate account. You can do this in Options → Mail Accounts → Additional Email Adress. Enable auto-response. In Options → Vacation Response, you can configure an automatic response that tells everyone who sends you an email that your address has ...


I encountered this situation when I accidentally set a rule for my supervisor's work email address. Every time she'd email me, it'd go directly to the deleted folder. To solve this, I went to upper right and clicked on the "lightning bolt" looking icon, clicked more mail options, under CUSTOMIZING OUTLOOK there's an option for "rules for sorting new ...

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