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How can I send and receive from Gmail account in

You Can't Add External Accounts You used to be able to, however Microsoft removed the ability to add them from in 2021. Any external accounts added before that date still worked until ...
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Email headers to force Gmail conversation grouping

I guess my search-fu was off, I found my answer with some further research shortly after posting. Looks like as of 2019, emails require a References header referencing the previous message's Message-...
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Stopped receiving e-mail from a Google Group I've been a manager of for 20 years

Whatever the problem was, it went away as mysteriously as it showed up. I'm receiving e-mail again.
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How do you stop these emails from

On checking my old mail, it seems Meetup did a deployment between September 2019 and March 2020, which changed the functionality in the message board email you receive and made some of the links break ...
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How do I view an organisation member's email in Trello?

As a workaround, it is possible to guess email addresses by trying to re-invite those addresses to a workspace or organization.
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