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This approach requires that you setup your Mac to make the web-based Gmail your default Mail "handler". Follow the steps here first: Then, open Safari (easier for this next step) and type a mail URL into the address bar but do NOT hit return. Enter you email addresses in ...


DMARC is to monitor incoming emails, not sending emails from your domain. If i will send now an email from my server using your domain to one of your emails then you shouldn't receive that email because of your DMARC policy. However if i send the same email to someone else that is not from your domain then that person will receive the email if his domain ...


I cannot say about Outlook but when you use the default Mail app in Windows 10 to send mail, it uses hxcore.ol in messages IDs.


You're relying on Hotmail to push email to your PC. Instead, use a third-party email reader, such as Thunderbird, which polls the Hotmail server at any interval you set, per account. However, should the Hotmail server send notification, the email reader should also display the message immediately, as shown in the settings below.

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