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3 votes

Highlight and comment in a web page and send them automatically to Evernote in a seamless way?

I was facing the same issue, but I have found a solution. I used IFTTT to create a recipe with Todoist and Evernote. Upon installing the Todoist Chrome Extension, I can highlight things, pull up a ...
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2 votes

Is there any Evernote alternative with offline availability support?

The main reason I do not use iOS's builtin note taking app, is its lack of support for folders On notes in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 or later, you can organize notes in folders. I use it as an Evernote ...
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2 votes

Way to save URL + comment into Evernote?

Update: 4/26/16 I use Chrome. I don't want the thumbnail or the sentences. I just want something like " - this is what I wrote to remind myself why I saved it" Just a one line, no ...
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2 votes

Does the web-based Evernote app have keyboard shortcuts?

I note that some limited keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys work with the current version (Feb 2017). The ones I have found are: bold ctrl-b italics ctrl-i I've searched for an official list, but there ...
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2 votes

How to add Link or Anchor within the Same Note in Evernote

There is ELIN, which works. It's a third party program, but at least it gets the job done. I found it via the forum.
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2 votes

Migrating from Evernote to Google Docs

I just found a two-step workaround for this. This will only work for Mac users, but maybe a similar approach can work on Windows? I exported the .enex file from Evernote, and then imported that into ...
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1 vote

Any way to connect a particular Google Sheet to Evernote using IFTTT?

Not with IFTTT, but yes with Zapier. The recipes IFTTT offers are much simpler, and it doesn't seem to be possible to get the new row data from the tracked sheet. It is possible though to get an ...
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1 vote

Create anchor links in Evernote

Anchor links have not been implemented officially by Evernote yet. A work around is : Create a sub-note for each of the paragraphs you want to (anchor) link to. Create a Note Link ( Hyper link) to ...
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1 vote

Find and replace on Evernote web app

Here's a "hacky" way: a Chrome extension that lets you find / replace what's in a web page. I haven't used this extension so I can't vouch for its quality, but in principle it should accomplish what ...
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1 vote

Total Space occupied by all the Notes

CalS November 4, 2016: if Windows go to Tools - Options - General and click on Open Database folder. The file with an EXB extension should approximate the size of your EN data base. DTLow ...
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1 vote

Does the web-based Evernote app have keyboard shortcuts?

None of the extensions worked for me so I wrote my own called Evercuts. It's really pretty simple but it does most of what I need. (FYI its only available for chrome) Search Toggle Fullscreen Move ...
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