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You can apply a label to the emails you want to export. Then in : Click 'Select labels' and choose the label you applied. Click 'CREATE ARCHIVE'


(Updated 2016-05-09, more robust than current top answer) If you just need to save a few playlists, you can just use my Javascript snippet below. This snippet can save every list as it is shown on the webpage, so it also works for the all songs/albums/artists library views. I've listed two other alternatives at the end of this answer. Go to: https://play....


This is where the power of Google Apps Script kicks in. If you paste the following script in a new Google Spreadsheet (Tools, Script editor, press the bug icon to authenticate the script), then new sheets will be automatically created based on the number of labels present. After that, the e-mail addresses will be added. function getEmails() { // set ...


Well, after discovering that the starred locations are also mirrored on Google Bookmarks, I wrote a Python script to scrape the coordinates and generate a KML file: Export Google Maps starred locations Go to Google Bookmarks: On the bottom left, click "Export bookmarks":


Seeing that there's no convenient way of doing this provided by Google, I've created a tiny online app for export of your starred locations: It's very primitive, but it does the job. (credits to endolith for the idea of implementation) UPDATE: this app is no longer relevant, you can use Google Takeout to export your bookmarks as ...


As far as I am aware, there's no built in way to do this on Youtube. You could of course use the Youtube API to easily get all of your playlists in xml using the following:[YOUR_USER_NAME]/playlists?v=2 Example: That xml file will have the ...


Old-school way: select filtered set of rows copy to clipboard create new sheet paste (or paste special -> paste values only) download this new sheet as CSV


If you don't mind running a bit of javascript code in your browsers developer console, you can extract information from the page like so (only tested in Chrome): var playlist = document.querySelectorAll('.song-table'); for(var i =0; i<playlist.length ; i++) { var l = playlist[i]; var title = l.querySelector('td[data-col="title"] .column-...


Modifying darkliquid's answer, I came up with the following which allows for multiple playlists to be saved at once. Instructions: Go to Your Playlists page. Paste in the JavaScript code below into your console. Click on a playlist that you want to save to text. Once on the playlist page, scroll to the bottom relatively slowly. After you've scrolled to the ...


How about we make this more easy.. Go to: Put in the playlist-url you want to create in excel-format, that's all :) Here's a preview how it looks like. Have exported my short-film playlist which is located sorry not enough credits to post 2 links The creator: 'All my web application does is use the ...


Consider got-your-back which "is a command line tool that backs up and restores your Gmail account". You can invoke it like this: python --email --search "" --local-folder "mail_from_pip" After completion you'll find all the emails matching the --search in the specified --local-folder, along with a sqlite database.


I am quite surprised by all the complicated answers implying some extra tools! Every email you receive has its address added to "All contacts" (as opposed to "My Contacts") in the Contacts part of Gmail. Export that one and you're done (or I missed something in your question).


As Backing up Last.FM scrobbles explains you should be able to use the script in LastToLibre. To use it: Download Run it with the following terminal command: python -u last.fm_user_name Note that this requires you to have Python installed and that you replace last.fm_user_name with your user name. Also ...


I'm not sure that you can do this directly in Gmail. However, you could either selectively forward emails to an alternative account OR download your Gmail using POP3 to the Mozilla Thunderbird email client (which is available under Linux). If you are filtering more than a handful of emails it would be easier to download your emails en masse using POP3 and ...


Found the answer here It is the command-line tool Got-your-back. Authenticates with your gmail account to download results of any search query of your email to .eml files. I just downloaded 4 years of receipts from a vendor I use with this: gyb --email --search "widgets inc" --local-folder ~...


Create a new sheet (Sheet2) within the spreadsheet. Set the A1 cell to be =filter(Sheet1!A:X, Sheet1!A:A>1). (See docs on the filter function.) You should then be able to save or export Sheet2 as CSV with only the filtered values.


You can download everything via Click the blue Create an archive button Uncheck the Select all checkbox to uncheck everything, and then check just the Google Photos box. You can click on Edit on this line, but the default is to download all your albums. Click the red Create Archive button. Wait You'll receive email ...


In light of deprecation of v2, the current answer is no longer works. v3 is the new version. The documentation link - This limits to only 50 results. Fill in the following API KEY with yyyy (Link to get Credentials) pageToken NNNNN - from 2nd page on playListID - PLXxxx Example link - ...


Songs (You) Liked on Pandora is a nice page/app to get a list of songs you've liked (up-thumbed). You could probably request songs you dis-liked (down-thumbed) from the author/creator.


Gmail has just rolled out a feature allowing users to back up their emails: : Old UI:


Update 2017 Starbanana has changed their name to deep-email-extractor and it also looks like revamped the App UI and made it work on multiple accounts (discovered having just logged in to my app), changed link below to reflect this. Original Answer If you need a fast desktop app (not a script) then consider this. I did quite a bit of searching for an app ...


You need to go to Google Takeout ( and select Google Reader and do an export. The zipped file you download contains a fairly comprehensive export of your Google Reader settings: followers.json following.json liked.json notes.json shared-by-followers.json shared.json starred.json subscriptions.xml (an OPML file)


After logging to Google Reader, you can download the last 1000 items of each feed using the url[feed_address]?n=1000. If you need to archive more than 1000 items, you have to follow this procedure (the key word is "continuation parameter").


This is not the most elegant way to accomplish what you ask, but here's a manual method that I just used to do it. Because I'm using Powershell for part of this, I'm assuming you're on a Windows machine. Steps: Go to Google Takeout On the Download Your Data page, deselect everything except for Youtube Expand Youtube and select "Select specific data" under ...


There is a good Google Chrome Extension to export Pandora Thumbs Up playlists to Spotify. Once you have the playlists in Spotify, you can export it using the tips here: I'm sure you'll find other tools to export Spotify playlists.


Based off of @jacob-jan-tuinstra's answer. Made some minor modifications to suit my needs perhaps others would find it useful. Uses search, doesn't break up by labels and also does chunking for large inboxes. The part that says 'YOUR GMAIL SEARCH QUERY GOES HERE' can be filled with any query you would use in your inbox. function getEmails() { // set ...


Update: now provides a web-based way of doing this: you hit the button, and you get an e-mail with a download link when the data is ready.


The following app is free and works beautifully!


Confused / Non-Technical / No Idea what to do? Try the following step by step, and thanks to step 1. step 2. new spreadsheet step 3. tools > script editor step 4. close the introduction pop up with the close button step 5. paste in the code function getEmails() { // http://...

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