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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

A lot of the answers here are old and refer to the discontinued Google Bookmarks, which did seem to have this data usefully. Using Google Takeout, like the accepted answer suggests, gives you your ...
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How can I export my LinkedIn messages?

This is what worked for me today (March 26, 2023): Go to Settings Go to "Data Privacy" Look at the first section at the top, "How LinkedIn uses your data". Select the 2nd item, &...
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How can I export a Microsoft Office 365 Word online document to PDF without comments?

One can click on View: then Print:
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How to export and import my block list in the 2019 "New Twitter" UI?

The way I did it wasn't pretty, but they severely limited our options by removing the export/import block list functionality. I requested my Data Archive (
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