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Is it possible to add formatting (such as bold and italics) to the description of a Facebook event page?

Although you cannot add formatting in the traditional sense using HTML markup you can apply some formatting by using unicode character. The easiest way I know to do this is with yaytext.com. The ...
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No "Going" button in Facebook event

The "Going" button is hidden behind the "Interested" button: Click on "Interested", Click again on "Interested", A menu appear, showing additional options "Going" and "Not Going", Click on the "Going"...
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How do I add co-hosts to my page's event?

It turns out that it is relatively easy, as long as you remember one thing that Facebook does not mention: Use Facebook as your personal you! Summarizing all steps: Use the full desktop interface, ...
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Synching Facebook group events -> Google Calendar -> public RSS or similar

I don't know that you need anything beyond Google Calendar. To test, I created a calendar and added some events. Then I made it public. Then I went to Calendar settings and chose the URL for the ...
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How to sync Facebook events in Google calendar, but only those I'm going

This is not possible by default as it is at the moment. Some time ago, I stumbled upon this nifty site (which I am in no way affiliated with) that creates a new calendar-link you can use: http://...
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For Facebook events is choosing "ignore" the same as choosing "remove event"?

If you click the 'x', or remove event, it takes you off the guest list. That way you don't have to answer whether or not you "Can Go" or "Can't Go". In events where the options are "Interested" ...
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Problem with getting the event embed code to post it into website

I just tested this myself, using your event. I also got the error message - but when I scrolled down there was also a Get Code button (as you did) - and I was able to use it to get code. Perhaps you ...
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Privacy of subscribing to a Facebook page's events (without liking the page)

According to Facebook Support your friends will see when you subscribe to a page's events. You may want to traverse through your profile's privacy options to see if there is a way to disable that ...
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Automatically add a Facebook page's events to Google Calendar

Option 1 - Sync all events You can add all your Facebook Events to Google Calendar. Details Side effect: You get all events (could be a good thing / could be bad) Option 2 - Filter these events to ...
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Facebook not showing photos on timeline

As far as I am aware, photos tagged in groups and events do not surface in the user's timeline. (I've tested it) The user should however get a notification that he/she was tagged.
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Facebook event recovery

You can't recover. Deleted is deleted.
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How to turn off "Don't forget XXX invited you to YYY" notifications on Facebook

Enter those events and delete the invitation. It will be as if you were never invited in the first place, thus no reminders. Alternatively, block "problematic" friends from ever inviting you: https://...
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