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Facebook is an online social networking site and service.

In general terms, users having problems with a Facebook account should look first at Facebook help.


If you've got a problem viewing your photo albums, timeline, stream or news feed, using the web interface, ask it here. But search and see if it's not already been asked and answered for you.

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Among the highest viewed questions include information on how to delete your Facebook account and how to post animated images to your wall

And no, you can't find out who unfriended you from Facebook.

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  • Questions about using the Facebook's web app as end-user might be on-topic in Web Applications. The exceptions are questions about interactions between users (or the lack of interaction) , troubleshooting like questions, speciallized advertising / commercial (how to sell more / how to manage budget), questions asking about internal policies, technologies or any stuff that only Facebook employees can answer. [facebook] info 3,223 questions.

  • Questions about using Facebook's apps for Android might be on topic in Android Enthusiasts. [facebook] info 281 questions.

  • Questions about Facebook's apps related to Apple devices like device privacy and app permissions, might be asked in Ask Different. [facebook] info 237 questions

  • Questions about integrating Facebook using their API's as programmer might be on topic in Stack Overflow but also might be on topic in other sites depenting on the system to be integreated. SO [facebook] info 85,745 questions.

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