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Feedly - how do you make the left sidebar permanently show?

There is now a button at the bottom of the navigation bar. Due to dark mode, it took me a little bit of time to find this. But pinning is handy when on a laptop.
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Hiding Feedly categories

Feature to mute categories from the main feed doesn't exist (vote here). Currently the only choice is to use 'Mute Filters' to create a temporary mute for individual websites on all feeds. You can ...
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How to hide the Feedly sidebar?

You can click the bottom pin button on the right side of the left sidebar.
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How do I delete tags in Feedly?

Feedly changed this sometime before Aug 6, 2018. Now, you have to click the tag name in the left navigation bar, then click the three horizontal dots in the right pane where all of the tag options are,...
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How do I show only categories with unread items in the Feedly sidebar?

Yes! In Preferences | General, find "Filter Empty Collections" and set it to "On".
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How to delete a feed in Feedly?

Right-click on the feed and click Delete. Tested in Chrome 77 and Edge on Windows 10.
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How to mark all entries in a feedly web view as read?

please see this screenshot where is the icon/button to mark all unread entries as read available. We also have keyboard shortcuts which you can display after pressing "?" anywhere in Feedly.
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How to visit a website for an article, in new tab, from Feedly, with a keyboard shortcut?

Interestingly, pressing ? gives me a different list, where v will open a new tab and switch focus to the new tab. Would be nice to not switch focus to the new tab, but, eh, works kinda sorta.
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Pocket and RSS Reader. Is there a better way?

This is a very old question, but in case someone else is looking for a solution, it's Poki for Pocket. This app allows you to connect to your pocket account, and then allows you to view your articles ...
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Is it possible to mark all articles in a group as "unread" in Feedly?

Scroll down to load all articles inside the feed you want to mark as unread, press F12 to open the Developer Tools Console, paste the following code in the console, and hit enter (source): document ...
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