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How do I convert from a Google document to PDF without downloading it?

Click 'Print' or the icon for the printer in the Google Drive. At the 'Destination' field, click the 'Change' button and choose "Save to Google Drive" as your destination. If "Save to Google Drive" ...
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Zip a large file in Google Drive before downloading

You can't zip single files, but if you download multiple files at once Google will zip all of the files. Easiest option is to select your large file, then Ctrl+Click (Cmd+Click on Mac) on a second ...
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Convert exported Trello JSON to Pivotal Tracker CSV?

I wrote some software to run on my local computer, and convert a Trello JSON to a Pivotal Tracker CSV: Clone that project to your computer. It's a ...
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Converting all PNG images in Google Drive to text (OCR)

If you go to Google Drive and Settings (the cog) and Settings (the text): you should be able to check: to have the conversion be automatic on upload (along with the uploaded image).
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How do I convert from a Google document to PDF without downloading it?

You can use Google Drive add-ons such as: DriveConverter A file converter for the web. Convert Word and Excel files to PDF and more. Convert files from your browser without downloading any ...
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