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I use this one: =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,ArrayFormula(IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(I$2:I$18&" ",D2&" ")),I$2:I$18,""))) I2 through I18 is list of strings. D2 is the value you're testing against. Really useful for tagging cells based off a list of tags. Gives a comma separated list.


@ttarchala provided a very helpful answer. If you need to invert the selection you can simply do it like this: =filter(C52:F57; ISNA (match(C52:C57; I53:I54; 0)))


I just discovered that YouTube has this built-in now! Next to a video there are three dots, if you click them, you get this menu: If you click "Not interested" it shows this: and then if you click "tell us why" you can block recommendations based on a video you watched: If you click "Don't recommend channel" it shows this:

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