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1 Firefox it opens in a new window whereas in Chrome it opens in a new tab. ...a browser-specific quirk. Firefox: how to open files in a new tab. Go to Options-> General Find Tabs Check the: Open links in tabs instead of new windows option Done :)


Why? Because "they" (aka the person/people that wrote the code) put some code in the webpage to handle the clicks that seems to not care about the state the ctrl-button is in. How now? user0's suggestion, scrollbuton-clicking worked for me. So I guess I'll have to relearn my habit of ctrl+clicking.


in 2019,using the "" can direct to english language on google trends,but when you type some words to search it return chinese again. so there is another solution: visit google account settings: click Data & personalization-General preferences for the web-language,choose english and save ...


I found a solution here: about:config -> set network.http.spdy.websockets=false restart firefox

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