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How do I add new styles to Google docs?

A lot of the solutions don't work inline. This is a cleaned-up solution offered by @AlekseyBykov using Google App Scripts to add a custom menu action: Create a new script (Tools > Script Editor) ...
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How NOT to bold text in WhatsApp & still use ** around text?

You could send it as code using three back-ticks, similar to formatting code here on StackExchange: *word* = word ```*word*``` = *word* (Note: it will use a monospace font).
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How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

You can add-on Code Block for Google Docs. 1*- Google Docs --> Add-ons Tab --> 2*- Get Add-ons ... --> Search For: 'Code Blocks' 3*- Then you go to Add-ons --> Code Block --> Start 4*- Select Theme(...
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How to set a Google Docs Spreadsheet cell format to bare text?

Guide to Adding Custom Number Formats Click on Format Go to Number > More Formats > Custom number formats Paste custom number format (see below) Click Apply . . Different Custom Number Formats ...
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How to create a checkbox column, that if selected will create a strike-through across the entire row in Google Sheets?

Conditional formatting: If checkbox ticked in cell A1, change color/strikethrough of cells from B1-F1. Insert a checkbox from "Insert" tab to A1. Select the cells (B1-F1) that needs to be of ...
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Always a blank line above where I insert a table?

Right now you can fully hide the line with font size 1 and custom line spacing .06, I visually verified that saving as PDF shows no whitespace at the top. Also, in regards to not being able to ...
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How do I add new styles to Google docs?

The workaround I've come to rely on is the Copy/Paste Format feature shortcut. As the format "clipboard" is separate from the text clipboard, it is preserved for as long as you have the document open. ...
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How do I add new styles to Google docs?

The gratis Google Docs extension Paragraph Styles+ allows to create custom paragraph styles (plus decimal system outline numbering for headings and a table of contents with page numbering). I just ...
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IMPORTRANGE with preserved formatting

May be an old question but its still being looked up - so here is the workaround: Importrange as we all know will only import raw un formatted data into a new googlesheet. As a workaround to avoid ...
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Stop Google Sheets formatting text as URL

I couldn't find an absolute setting to just disable this function. However, you can disable the function from continuing to create links or start creating links in a new document simply by selecting ...
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How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

Just to be clear for rookies like me, No, there is no code highlighting natively in Google Docs. There are add ons that can do code highlighting. Code Pretty is mentioned above and has adequate ...
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How to change the default style of text links in Google Docs

I just published a free add-on for precisely this task. It's called Link Style, and is available here.
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How NOT to bold text in WhatsApp & still use ** around text?

Excerpt from the official WhatsApp FAQ: Note: There is no option to disable this feature. See https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/general/26000002
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Google Docs is altering my formatting, how can I avoid this?

I realize this question is nearly 5-years-old, but since the problem still persists in Google Docs, I'll share the solution that works for me. Simply, use the “print” feature within the Chrome browser....
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Adding a header and footer to a Google Spreadsheet

Headers and Footers show up in the Print dialog box. Click print and look for "Headers & footers" toward the bottom of the right panel. You can select page numbers, Workbook title, Sheet name and ...
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How do I transpose data in a Google Sheets and keep the formatting?

To preserve the data and the formatting: go to Edit choose Paste special choose Paste transpose (A1:C27)
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How do I create a checklist in a slack message?

I found it! Wow I had this same issue - Here's the thing. You have to 'Create a Post' using the lightening bolt - not by just typing it into slack. When you click on the lightening bolt, there's a ...
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How can I align a table so that text floats around it in Google Docs?

This isn't possible, however there is a work around - use a drawing. Insert -> Drawing In the drawing, create a text box or shape (if you would like the box to have a background), add the text. ...
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Why does Google Docs make some H1 headings bold in the Table of Contents and some not bold?

So after deleting the TOC and recreating it from scratch, I can see that the correct (default) behaviour is that all H1s in the TOC should be bold. I think what caused my confusion here is that most ...
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How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

Google Docs launched "Code blocks" on December 14, 2022. It is available to some accounts (depending on the pricing plan). It is not available to users with personal Google Accounts. To ...
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How do I change date and time formats in Trello?

Change your language settings to English (UK) in your Atlassian account and you will get 24-hour time settings.
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How to left align dollar symbol but right align number?

You can align your dollar amounts like that by selecting the Accounting format. Select Format on the menu Select Number Select Accounting
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Shortcut key for monospaced character format in Confluence

The way I do this is pretty simple, I added a bookmark/shortcut that executes the click on the monospace button like so: javascript:$('#rte-monospace').click(); If you use Google Chrome, simply ...
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Can I add a line break in my Twitter bio?

Use   to pad out your bio to force it to a new line. It takes up more space than   so if you need a lot of space you can use it instead.
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How to add a line break in a custom date format in Google Spreadsheets?

Google Sheets will both receive a number format with multiple lines and display cells using it: The problem is that the "Custom number format" input field does not support line breaks/...
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How to add a line break in a custom date format in Google Spreadsheets?

You can insert the vertical tab unicode character U+000b You can copy and paste it from between these brackets: ] [
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Row height would not auto-adjust to fit content anymore

I found the answer by guessing and trying. Select the rows you want the height to reset to auto for (or select the whole sheet if needed). Double-click on the border between any two of the selected ...
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How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

I faced this problem too, and I didn't want to add any extension to my Google Docs account. I found http://markup.su/highlighter/ , an online code syntax highlighter, you just past your code and can ...
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Adding a header and footer to a Google Spreadsheet

I agree with Franck's answer for headers. Here are two methods to approximate a footer on a one page document. Neither method is perfect (see limitations). Method One Place the following formula ...
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