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How can I get code syntax highlighting in Google Docs?

Google Docs launched "Code blocks" on December 14, 2022. It is available to some accounts (depending on the pricing plan). It is not available to users with personal Google Accounts. To ...
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How to replace dumb quotes with smart quotes in Google Docs

In Find and Replace, check the box for "Match using regular expressions." To find all the starting quotes: Find (?<=\s|^)\" and replace all with “ (This means "a straight ...
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How to remove insignificant decimal point in Google Spreadsheets?

I know this won't resolve anything for most people, but for me the answer was to format the number as text in Excel before I copied it into Google sheets. Again, probably not useful, but for those of ...
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Is it possible to format small-caps in Google Documents?

Seems like, as of now (October 2023), Capitals, mentioned in a previous answer, is pretty broken. Unclear if it was providing a caricature or not. But… without writing an add-on, one approach is to ...
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System of equations in draw.io

Try something like this: \begin{aligned}\tau_v \dot v &= f(\textbf v(t), \textbf w(t)) \\ \tau_w \dot w &= g(\textbf v(t), \textbf w(t))\end{aligned} Note that there's no " ` " ...
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How do I make the weight column in my medical log sheet get updated with the most recent weigh-in?

Use reduce() and filter(), like this: =reduce( "", filter('Weight Log'!B$2:Z, 'Weight Log'!A$2:A = A2), lambda( result, current, if( len(current), current, result ) ) )
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Automatically append text in cell to URL in Google Sheets

You can't format a cell as a hyperlink, you must either edit the cell or use a formula in another cell to create the hyperlink. Automatic Hyperlink Sheets automatically converts most valid URL formats ...
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Showing Inline Section Headers in Document Outline

Assign the header to the full text first, THEN manually change the font size, weight, color, etc. of the subsequent body text. The body text will still be assigned to whatever header you assigned it ...
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Google Sheets auto move to next cell

Having the opposite problem in SHEETS -- every time i type in a cell to edit a formula, when i hit ENTER it automatically goes into EDIT mode on the cell below it... and it is driving me insane! How ...
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