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Google Sheets: how to format currency with numbers right-aligned but +/- and $ left aligned and padded with spaces?

Use this custom number format: _-"$"* #,##0;-"$"* #,##0 See Number format tokens.
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Is it possible to format small-caps in Google Documents?

There is no need for an Add-on. You can use a snippet of HTML text that is formatted as small-caps. Copying and paste the rendered HTML into your Google document and Docs will retain the formatting. ...
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System of equations in

First, you should go to the 'Extras' tab and enable the 'Mathematical Typesetting' option. Then, one of the problems with is that you cannot use any new lines inside latex mode. Here is an ...
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Script to change specify text style within Google Sheet's cells, but I cant seem to style text manually

Here is a sample script that will change only the relevant values that match the strings with word boudaries. There is a lot of functionality in the original code from @doubleunary that is missing in ...
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Google Docs paste, using formatting of destination document

Paste regularly, then select all and press C-\ in order to remove styling. This is different from C-S-v in that it doesn't remove structure (headings, titles, etc).
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How to add a line break in a custom date format in Google Spreadsheets?

You can still do something like what metarmask suggsted, however you have to use App Script. First Open the App Script Editor: Under "Extensions"/"Apps Script" Once it opens, add a ...
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How can I align a table so that text floats around it in Google Docs?

Here's what I ended up doing: Create a transparent/borderless, two-column table. In one column, write your regular text, which has no box around it (looks table-less). In the other column, format the ...
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