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We made a one at It is simple visitors can create threads/posts which then will be threaded in the disqus style. The "forum" is only made out of static files, html and javascript. We have also hosted it on Amazon S3 in the past. You can copy it, you will need to save the index.html and forum.js. Change the shortname and API key....


Well I changed my first and last name in my profile and reposted my message onto one of the Intel support community forums. Then I looked at the forum in a different browser (which wasn't logged in to the community), and it showed my username on the post instead of my first and last name. So apparently while you are logged in, you will see your first and ...


For that thread in particular, you can use this link to view the first 100 posts: And you can set your preferences to 100 per page, but at that it's still 54 pages. I tried tricking it into letting me set it to 900 but it won't. As for a permanent ...


You cannot change your username nor can you directly deactivate your account according to this: I tried the contact link at the bottom of the page takes you to a maze worthy of phone-tree envy. I was only able to deactivate my account by posting a message in the "Feedback on this website" forum:

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