Use http://fiddle.jshell.net/your-fiddle-id/show/light/ for example this fiddle URL. This will open it without any frames.


I use VLC for that. It can even load playlists (might need some extra scripts for that to work). Also it skips advertisments. Just press ctrl+n and enter youtube url. also: https://superuser.com/questions/351612/how-to-watch-youtube-fullscreen-on-one-monitor-of-a-dual-monitor-display


I think the other respondents to your thread looked at the iframe (crossdomain) issues and ignored the question. Another awesome JSFiddle user, Jennifer Perrin, answered more than half your question in her post "Get current page URL and title with jQuery". All that remains for you to do is to apply some logic on the URL returned and fashion it into a ...


Hold down either the Shift key or the Ctrl key and click Compose to compose a new Gmail message in a new web browser tab. The new Compose screen is full height and ~90% full width in my web browser. The part of the new tab that has the compose workspace in it has a 5% margin on both sides, right and left, however the new compose tab is full screen. These two ...

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