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How to add GPS coordinates instead of address in new Google Contacts

Use the plus code of the location as the address, while still filling in the city and the country.
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Adding location data to Google Photos

Google Photos is able to handle only the level 1 locations, therefore you are left with an option to give up on exact coordinates and set up only approximate location. level 1: Île Amsterdam (which ...
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Convert link into coordinates

If column A contains the links (starting at A2), you will get the two values (lat & lng) into two separate columns using this formula: =Index(if(A2:A<>"",Split(regexextract(A2:A,&...
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Change Google geolocation

Google Help Forums has provided an answer to your dilemma worth investigating further. A number of ...
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How can I disable/reconfigure IMDB's automatic geo-location so it does not default to German?

IMDB currently uses Accept-Language header to detect the browser language. In case you need to do it anyway, the workaround will be similar to the X-FORWARDED-FOR header modification, which can be ...
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Create a Google maps link to a specific location

Check out the Google Maps URL Guide It shows how to perform specific actions like Search, Directions, Display a map etc
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How to spoof the google search result with different Geo location

To make applications think that you are elsewhere in the world, use a VPN with a server in that location. See Gizmo's Best VPN Services for 2021.
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How to spoof the google search result with different Geo location

You can achieve this using Google Chrome sensors. Pop open the Developer panel (F12), and in the bottom section of the console choose Sensors. In the Location sensor, choose an alternate location. If ...
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How to access geolocation data of a tweet?

The tweet contains geolocation data only if the app that created the tweet included it. Many camera apps do this but most others don't. Users may also have disabled GPS. My app TweetsToRSS displays ...
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Can my location be found from a Facebook picture?

you could try doing a reverse image search, whereby you upload the image to google's image search page, and google will search for similar images to the one you uploaded, if it finds any matches, you ...
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Changing the country in Google Play Store

According to the Google payments help page Change your home, business, or billing address and country: Each payments profile can be associated only with one country due to tax regulations on the ...
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How can I do "Show my location" on Daum maps?

I'm not sure whether still relevant five years later! (Tagged untagged it has probably been "under the horizon" for many.) From whereismimiyu (15 May, 2015): On the left upper side there is a ...
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