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How to remove the Archive button in Gmail

You can't remove just the archive button (sadly) but you can remove all 3 of the hover buttons via the settings menu Go Cog=>Settings=>General Then in the "Hover Actions" section and choose "...
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How do I see a list of archived emails in Gmail in the order of when I archived them?

Searching in:archive sorts by archival date. Medium article about recovering archived emails: To search for recently archived emails in Gmail, open Gmail and in the search box, type “in:archive” (...
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How can I exclude archived messages from the multiple inboxes view?

You've got it a bit backwards there. "Archive" simply means to remove the "Inbox" label. So, if something is "unarchived", it means it's still in your Inbox. label:Family in:inbox Just a note: AND ...
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How do I retrieve a message I accidentally archived in Gmail?

Google finally fixed this. Here's the 2020 answer: in:archive
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Emails disappeared from Inbox

Unfortunately, no, there's no way to search by messages when they were Archived. ("Archive" just means "remove the special 'Inbox' label.) The best you'll be able to do is to search by date range for ...
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Gmail inbox, all messages archived by mistake

Unfortunately, no, there's no activity log within Gmail that's accessible to users. The only "undo" option there is, really, is what's available immediately after performing an action. So, ...
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Problem with filtering and archiving Gmail

Your problem is the order that the filters were applied. If messageA is directed by filterx to get labelX and told to skip the inbox; then filterb that applies label2016 never sees messageA. The ...
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How do I find an email I "accidently" archived in gmail (or is there a "recent activity" page in gmail)

first reply here :) Sadly, nothing of what you have mentioned exists in Gmail, only powerful search engine. If an email hasn't a label and it isn't in Inbox (that's a special label), then the email ...
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Gmail email conversation always going to archive

Gmail does not automatically archive anything unless you tell it to do so. Check your Gmail filters to see which of them have the "Skip the Inbox" action checked.
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Cannot find archive in Gmail even when looking in All Mail

In Gmail, there is no Archive folder. All emails you "archive" ends up in All Mail folder - And to filter out non-archived emails you can search for in:archive - ...
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How to delete all archived emails?

In Gmail's search bar us the following query: in:archive Check the Select all check-box Click the Delete button* (see notes below) NOTES Deleting messages does not immediately remove them ...
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Finding accidentally archieved emails in Gmail

It shouldn't be hard to find them. Even archived e-mails are in the All mail selection, see the picture below. If you don't see them there, you probably deleted them by mistake (then you should try ...
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How to remove the Archive button in Gmail

I'll try and answer the components of your overall question, but there is no easy way to remove the Archive button, here are some suggestions though on how to work around it. How can you get rid of ...
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How to remove the archiving in Gmail

You can remove the archive button by: click on the settings cog >> settings >> general >> hover actions then change it from: Enable hover actions - Quickly gain access to archive, delete, mark as ...
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